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Libby Skala HOME
Libby Skala HOMELibby Skala HOMELibby Skala HOME
Libby Skala HOME
To those who helped with A TIME TO DANCE

Carol Fox Prescott whose insights, encouragement, 
inspiration and teaching buoyed the development of the 

Gary Austin for all that he has taught me and for his workshop 
which inspired this piece.
Kristine Niven and Artistic New Directions which has supported and helped develop the piece in countless ways.

The Field Organization for the Fellowship to develop the piece at Earthdance, and for their Fieldwork sessions.

Carolyn and Allister Cameron for going beyond the call of duty in their generosity and for hosting me in London.

Greg DeSouza for his generous donation of time and attention in providing the video stills used on this website in addition to videotaping in London.

Gabriel Barre for his generous insights, observations and feedback about the piece.

Emerging Artists Theatre for providing the playground to continue development.

George and Kathy Shuff for their generous contributions, including providing a home for me during the Toronto Fringe Festival.

Carol Krishnaswami for her willingness to listen and share ideas which deepen my perspective.

Molly Lyons and The St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival for trusting that this piece would emerge.

Mary and Martin Skala for providing a sounding board and loving support under all circumstances.

Grace Polk for sharing all of the information she has and knows about her mother and for her loving support.

Adam Hocherman for being the first to get excited about this project, and for his continual supportive enthusiasm.

Charissa Wilcox and Ryan McDougall for creative improvisations on sound and lights at The Toronto Fringe Festival.

Many Additional Thanks to:  Nina Maynard, Collette Black, Prinicpia Summer Session, Nana Koch, Rhoda Waller, Stacy Mayer, Jennifer Lee Mitchell, Renate Lexmond, The members of Carol Fox Prescott's Shakespeare, Ibsen, Chekhov and Shaw Class and St. Agnes Residence.

Elizabeth Polk 1930s


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